Thai Food Quiz – Are you a Thai Foodie?

Are you a Thai foodie?

Test your knowledge and find out what you know about the best cuisine in South East Asia

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Let's start with an easy one, to get you going.
Which famous Thai curry is this?


Next, a famous spicy salad.
But what is the Thai name?


OK, these are shrimp, that's obvious...
But what is this dish made of live shrimp called?


Available at almost every corner of he road.
Do you know the name of this noodle dish?


One main ingredient in this dish is cashew nuts.
What is the other one?


My personal favourite...
The fried egg on top is mandatory!


No hints or tips here....
Just a picture and 4 answers. What is this?


A spicy one....
What is the Thai name for this spicy shrimp soup?


This dish can be eaten raw or cooked.
You are seeing the cooked pork version?


And of course don't forget desert.
Small tip, the yellow fruit is Mango!

OK, great, that's it. Now that wasn't too difficult was it?
Last chance to go back and change your answers.
Wanna know how you did? See your results by hitting the button below.

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