Chiang Mai voted 3rd of top Urban destinations by T+L

T + L, or “Travel and Leisure” is an established publication focusing on the travel industry, and apparently this year, Chiang Mai has made it into their “Top 15 cities”. I presume they mean as a travel destination, as anything other would be a little out of profile – it is a travel publication after all.


According to the article, determining factors were whether the cities were “pedestrian friendly”,  had “ample green space” and a rich history. So it figures that Chiang Mai has repeatedly made it into their annual top 15 in previous years.

The full list looks like this:

  1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  2. Charleston, South Carolina
  3. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  4. Kyoto, Japan
  5. Florence, Italy
  6. Oaxaca, Mexico
  7. Hoi An, Vietnam
  8. Cape Town, South Africa
  9. Ubud, Indonesia
  10. Luang Prabang, Laos
  11. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  12. Rome, Italy
  13. Siem Reap, Cambodia
  14. Udaipur, India
  15. Barcelona, Spain


Having visited less than a third of these myself, I am hardly an authority but I vouch for Rome, Barcelona and Chiang Mai. All are truly wonderful cities so I’d call the list ambitious. So why not make it a two-city trip? Make sure you start in Chiang Mai, and make your way down to Siem Reap to discover the wonders of Angor Wat. You’ll be able to say you’ve visited two ancient Asian cities in one go! And sure, whereas Chiang Mai city is still a fully functional city today, Angkor Wat is an archeological site in the jungle. It doesn’t matter though – Siem Reap is an excellent starting point to make your way there, with many of its streets being unhardened and new experiences lurking around every corner.

Speaking for myself, I have plenty of discovering to do both inside Chiang Mai city, as outside. Be it Chiang Mai hotels, activities, sightseeing or simple little restaurants I have yet to discover. I love living here.

Pro tip: If you are less confident just what you should be doing in Chiang Mai city, or some backpacker you just met suggested a tour you don’t feel 100% comfortable about, simply check out Tripadvisor Chiang Mai – they keep excellent track of the different offerings in- and around the city

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